Cambridge Henna
11141276_939385126102584_2556118715634687393_o (2)
Based in Cambridge, Kate is available to do henna body art for parties, occasions, groups and individuals. Whether the girls are looking for a night in or an exciting hen party, or groups want a stall to provide something different  at an event, or you are an individual looking for an interesting way to relax, henna can provide that magic element.


Designs are freehand and done using henna paste in a tube. The henna is 100% natural, made from triple sifted henna leaf.  The henna is made by the incredibly talented Henna NI, http://www.hennani.com/about-henna.html, although I do hope to start making my own in the near future.

For more information or to book please email:  cambridgehenna2015@gmail.com


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