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New Designs!!

Here are a couple of designs I did a couple of weeks ago on hands.  Also a few weeks back I was experimenting with leaves and birds and decided to decorate my whole leg! Took 3 hours and 2 cones of henna but was great fun!  I’ve also added pictures of the stain developing to show how it darkens.  The stain did darken further on my leg, after about 48 hours it stopped darkening.


20151004_151234 20151004_162448 20151004_162457

Henna paste

20151004_182849 20151004_182906

Paste just taken off

20151006_172600 20151006_172609 20151006_172620

After 24 hours


Henna Paste                      After 24 hours

Booking Information and pricing

Between 9am and 2pm during the week I am willing to travel within 5 miles of Cambridge and can take bookings at short notice.

For evenings and weekends I require at least 3 days notice as I will have to book childcare.

I charge £50 per hour plus travel expenses.

I can also do individuals with prices based on design, roughly speaking

DSC_0102_1small design would be around £5

20151025_121838whole hand design between £10 and £15 

anything larger we would discuss so please do not hesitate to contact me